10 Ways To Use Your Dial Indicator

There are so many ways to use a dial indicator to ensure accuracy that working without one would seem almost impossible; read on…
Dial indicator applications
Precision Measurement Tools

Precision Measurement Tools

The use of dial indicators in precision measurement is universal and indispensable. No matter which CNC machine shop, injection mold making shop, or tool and die shop you visit, you see dial indicators in use everywhere.

  • To align workpieces in a machine, such as a lathe, milling machine, EDM, or surface grinder
  • Check spindle runout in any machine tool.
  • Align workpieces in a spin fixture, such as a Harig or Hardinge spinner
  • Inspect workpieces in a grinding machine, such as a Ded-tru, or cylindrical grinder
  • Compare heights of various components on a granite surface plate
  • Mounting in a magnetic dial indicator base to check work on a surface grinder
  • Mounting in a fixture to inspect work in a Bridgeport milling machine, or any other vertical machining center, 5 axis milling machine or high speed machining center.
  • Analyze surface roughness
  • Analyze EDM pit depth
  • Compare injection mold parting line details

The list goes on and on because this inspection tool is so flexible and useful. With a minimum of set-up and fuss, a precision machinist or toolmaker can gain a wealth of knowledge about his part, be certain it is properly set-up and the right size.

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Dial indicator applications
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